Abusive People

crow and mockingbirdThis morning I was reading a post by a friend, she spoke about a dream she had that her mother was in. It turns out that her mother was a very angry, negative and abusive person. In the dream, my friend had hoped that her mother might apologize or at least show some remorse for what she had done. That, of course never happened.

I have thought about what I could say to ease the pain of that friend and had a realization that I hope helps many. You see, I know a lot about abusive people, as I have been around them far more than I like to reflect upon. I had an abusive spouse that was abusive in every way that one could be. I grew up with a mother that never saw the sunshine, only the rain. Her entire life revolved around pain and misery and she was more than happy to spread it around. Let’s not forget those abusive friendships, abusive work relationships/encounters, etc.

So, while pondering what words of advice I could give to help my friend move past this pain, I began to think about all the abusive people I’ve encountered in my lifetime. It all really came down to something so simple and true.

All the pain, misery, abuse and negativity that comes from someone is because of them. It is not because of you or anything you have done. It is not any failing on your part, but on theirs. People are angry, abusive, negative, and hurtful because of themselves and their own past. They were not born this way but somewhere down the line they allowed themselves to become it.

You are not the root of how they behave… You were just simply there. 

The best way to let it all go is to forgive them for not being able to rise above their own history and become something better than what has happened to them. Forgive yourself for allowing their issues to get inside your own head and cause you pain. Forgive and let it go. Holding on to the pain doesn’t make them any better a person, it doesn’t change what they did or what they will do in the future. It changes nothing. It holds you back from moving forward and from finding your own peace. Let it go. Forgive.

Many Blessings,

1st Day of Spring!

This morning I thought I’d take a quick walk around the lake so I got up while it was still very dark outside and made my way over to Radnor Lake. I arrived about 30 minutes before the sunrise so I was able to capture some great photos of the 1st Day of Spring this year.

A Time of New Beginnings.

Spring is the birth of life after after the long (and this year’s harsh) winter. The Earth comes alive with the buzz and hum of new growth and new life. Soon the landscape will be painted with colors from every spectrum. The air will be filled with all kinds of lovely fragrances and the sun will warm us all.

Here are the photos from this morning’s sunrise photoshoot. Click on the images to see the larger view.

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Enjoying Earth’s Magic,

Quote of the Week

I’ve been pairing up some quotes from my blog posts and photos that I have taken and thought I would start sharing these images each week or at least until I run out of them :-)

Cardinal reminds us that no matter what time of the day or year it is, there is always the opportunity to recognize the importance of our life purpose.

cardinal importance

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Many Blessings,

In the Dream

gray globeRaindrops falling from the night sky
Magical dreams begin when I shut my eyes

Drifting in and out of some magical astral plane
Waking suddenly when I think I hear someone shout my name

Wondering what these symbols in the night might mean
Trying hard to remember all the things I’ve just seen

Scrambled and encoded with a mystery still unknown
Visions pass through my mind like a wild and crazy cyclone

Is it a message from the great beyond?
Silently, I wait for Spirit to respond

Some say dreaming is a healing of sort
All I know is it’s a place where I am suddenly transport

From here to there and all over the place
Bringing always a story that by morning I’ll do my best to retrace

Raindrops falling from the night sky
Shush now there’s a new movie playing just behind these  shut eyes.

Many Blessings,

The Fairytale Update

>Wedding DreamsI heard a great quote today from a movie, a mother and daughter were talking about love and the whole fairytale idea of it all when the mother said “You’re knight and shining armor isn’t going to show up with a horse and carriage to rescue you… you need to update your fairytale baby!”.

Romantic stories of love have been told for centuries, every little girl grows up hearing these tall tales before she can even speak and then one wonders why we seek this thing called romance. Romance does still exist, it just doesn’t look like the picture painted in all those storybooks.

Today’s knight, instead of riding a horse and fighting fierce battles in shiny armor, he drives a car and has a 9 to 5. He has just as many issues as the damsel in distress and can sometimes need rescuing himself. He has bills to pay, obligations to fulfill and a boss to answer to just like the rest of us. The battles he fights are simply day to day getting by and getting ahead and the shiny armor is the light he carries within.

Think about the fairytale you are looking for… is it realistic or is it something of pure fiction? Do you even need rescuing? Maybe it’s time to update the storybook of your life … you never know, you might find that you are already living your own happily ever after. So stop thinking you need what others have written and write your own.

Many Blessings,

New Moon – New Beginnings

new beginningsToday is the New Moon and the End of the Month… So now we bid farewell to February and welcome in March with a new moon cycle. It is time to start those projects you’ve been wanting to get done, try new things, new techniques and possibly even new ways of thinking. 

Now is a good time to do an overlook of your life and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. Start thinking about where you want the rest of the year to go and start doing the things to get you there. Keep positive thoughts and a positive outlook as you move forward and use the energy of this New Moon to help boost you to the new beginnings that you want/need in your life. 

Many Blessings, 

Quote of the Week

I’ve been pairing up some quotes from my blog posts and photos that I have taken and thought I would start sharing these images each week or at least until I run out of them :-)

So here’s the first one:

holding on

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Many Blessings,

Better by the Day

Disclaimer: This blog post is not about trashing or making fun of anyone. This is a personal thought about myself and my own dreams/goals/ambition. Nothing at all to do with anyone else being less than. 

You this post is going to be a doozie if I have to begin with a disclaimer… lol.

The other day I asked a co-worker what they wanted to do with their life. Straight away the answer was “What kind of stupid question is that?” in a raised and defensive voice. I said it’s just a question, a normal, common type of question. I then rephrased it and asked what is it you wanted to be when you were a kid. Others in the office started answering but it took her longer to finally give an answer. It doesn’t matter the answers, what does matter is the fact that she was defensive straight away. I wasn’t attempting to judge anyone, it was a common, curious question.

winged ones 8I think we all have dreams of how we’d like our lives to be. Certainly when I was a child my dream wasn’t to be working in some office doing busy work every day, but there are parts of what I do now that were part of my childhood dream. I have transformed my job to best fulfill my own dreams/goals and ambition. While this job may not have been what I planned or hoped for it is a job that pays the bills and I take pride in doing it to the best of my ability.

I should start getting to my point. It is not the job but the person and what they choose to do with the job that they have. You can do a job just as it is labeled to be done or you can step up your own personal game and better yourself and the job that you do. I have to say that yes I know that you cannot always do this .. some jobs do call for precise actions only and well I’m not talking about those type of jobs. There are always exceptions. Let’s be smart about this … if you are in a particular job that has to be done in such a way that if changed could be damaging then this post is not meant for you. If you are in a job where there is wiggle room, then YOU’RE IT!

I have always been one to go into a job and when I see opportunity to improve a process in my duties, I just do it. I don’t wait on someone else to figure it out for me and then wait for them to inform me of these changes that will benefit me and my daily processes. I am always teaching myself new things and pride myself on knowing my job (whatever it may be) inside and out. It’s not about showing off or being better than anyone. It’s about feeling accomplished for myself .. the only person I strive to be better than is the person I was yesterday.

Now why was there such a defensive mindset coming from the other person? Not for me to figure out. That’s all for the other person to consider and figure out on their own.

Don’t allow the daily chore of getting by stop you from reaching new heights. If you are breathing, you can also be achieving. It doesn’t matter the size of he steps you take. What matters is that you continue to take those steps forward.

I hope that didn’t sound like I’m putting anyone down… I just want everyone to know that dreams are achievable at any age. Don’t give up on YOU.

Many Blessings,

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!

Holding on to Pain and Anger

IMG_8505 Someone suggested yesterday that I speak a little about holding on to anger, so  here I am talking about holding on to pain and anger. I’m adding in pain, but this  should include any type of negative emotion, behavior or thought.

Holding on to these things do us no good at all. They stew inside us and destroy  our chances of peace and happiness. Negativity robs us of so many things and can  hold us back from progressing forward.

So, you are holding on to anger from something that has happened to you, or you  are holding on to pain from a past event or you have developed some sort of  negative behavior, stemming from something that happened…. in the PAST.  PAST being the keyword here. You cannot go back and change what has  happened, you can’t rewind and replay and expect a different result. Why hold on to these thoughts or feelings? What good are they doing? Is the other party learning any lessons, are they suffering from what you continue to hold on to? NOPE! They are most likely oblivious to your  own internal pain and self punishment while you suffer daily.

So why hold on?

It’s in the past… it happened. EVERYONE has had bad things happen to us… EVERYONE. You are not alone. LET IT GO! It does not serve you at all to continue holding on to the negativity. It hurts you and you alone… why allow a negative experience from the past to continue interrupting your present and infect your future?

LET IT GO… It will be the best gift you ever give yourself… that release will be your new found freedom. 

Many Blessings,



I paused for some time this morning and ask Spirit to guide me into the right direction for today’s blog topic. I gathered my Vision Quest cards, put on some soothing music and allowed myself to be in the moment. As I sat there shuffling the cards, Spirit showed me a small herd of  deer just over the hill across the way. They peered over the hillside, looking right over in my direction and I smiled inside. I sat there shuffling my cards and taking in the moment. As I watched outside my window, the wind was blowing and leaves would rush past, some of them resembling other things. I thought one was a small bird and another I thought an animal rushing behind a shrub for cover from the freezing wind. I shuffled my cards a little longer and when I stopped this was the card that layed on my desk. TRANSFORMATION.

My first thought as I looked down upon this card before me wasn’t of a physical transformation but a transformation of thought.

We have the power within us to transform. Transform our mind, body and spirit. I am my own example this morning as I am not  feeling very good today, a bit moody for reasons I don’t even know… I just am.  Every time I begin to think negative thoughts I found myself whispering.. stay positive… stay positive. So I would focus on positive thoughts until another negative one tried to creep in … and there I would go again, whispering to myself “stay positive, think positive thoughts”.  It may not be easy, it may not be simple but if you wish to transform whether it be your body, your life, your thoughts or something else in your life…. you can do this. Persistence and a will to change is all that is needed to set the wheels in motion for whichever transformation you wish to create.

Many Blessings,

What’s to Come….

IMG_8573  We are smack dab in the middle of winter and outside look bleak while the Earth continues to rest for the remainder of winter. It won’t be long and she will awake with much to do. Flowers to grow, trees to bud, animals to birth and life to nourish.

Today is one of those crazy Tennessee days where it’s nearly 60 degrees, mid-January…. I have stepped outside with my camera several times in hope to click something spectacular but I’ve not found much at all to focus on.

As I stepped outside and was leaning against the railing I spotted this little downy feather in one of the shrubs, it was waving back and fourth with the breeze. It is a reminder that although today might not bring me the things I hoped…. there is still that… HOPE. I smiled at the little feather, so small and delicate there waving at me. So tiny and yes it still got my attention and I am thankful for the reminder that there is always more to come. More to look forward to and more to live for.

 IMG_8576I  made my way back around to the other side of the building, about to step back inside to get back to work when I noticed this bird nest in a little tree up on the hill. I stepped up to take a couple of shots and again smiled at the thought that in a few shorts month this nest might be home to a new family, creating new life. I’ll definitely keep my eyes on this one and with any luck we’ll all get to witness the miracle of life in the Spring.

So much to look forward to.

Don’t waste your time energy thinking about the things you don’t have… instead shift your focus on what’s to come, life will be so much more fun and enjoyable with that new perspective.

Many Blessings,

The Arm Knitting Craze

scarvesOne afternoon just before Christmas I saw someone post a link to a video on how to Arm Knit a Scarf in 30 minutes. I thought, no way! I made a mental note of the video title to look up later. Several days passed and I was out buying other crafting supplies when I remembered the arm knitting video, so while I was there, I picked up a skein of yarn to give it a try. Still, a week or so passed and I hadn’t yet tried it. Finally things were slowing down as Christmas was approaching so I took 30 minutes to watch the video and give it a try. OMG, it’s TRUE!! You CAN Arm Knit a scarf in 30 minutes!!!!

So about 20 scarves later here I am and I’ve made my own how-to video. Be warned that once you try it … yarn will mysteriously start showing up in your home. It’s an addiction not like any other!!

Many blessings,

Our Inner Instincts

crow 2This morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about one of the Olympic ads about a cross country skier I had seen last night. While I was watching the commercial, it made me think back to when I had that kind of determination as a child. I had found an old pair of roller skates at my Grandmother’s house, they were way to big at the time but I put them on anyway and began teaching myself how to skate in her living room. I can’t tell you how many times I fell down and got back up. The thing that stuck with me was how determined I was to stay upright on those skates and to be able to use them without having to hold onto things. I remember doing this for days and days, for hours at a time until I finally found myself skating without any trouble at all.

My mind then went to how fearless I once was. The road I lived on as a child was a steep hill with a level part right where my house was and then back to a steep hill again. I would skate up to the top of the hill and without consideration of traffic (thankfully back then there wasn’t much) I would then skate down the hill. I wish I knew how fast I was going.

At this point you are probably wondering what all this has to do with instinct, well I’m getting to that. The instinct comes from how I skated down that steep hill. Without anyone showing me how to do it, without seeing anyone else ever do it, somehow I just knew the best way to skate down the hill. By some magical inner knowing once I got to the top of the hill, I would squat down low as I made my way down the first steep section of the road, once the road started leveling out I would stand up and then as I approached the next steep section I would squat down again and ready myself to skate into an empty lot across the street from my house. Just before turning my body to glide into the empty lot I pushed one foot forward to keep me balanced as I transitioned from pavement to the grassy lot. This kept me balanced and shifted my weight to the back so that I wouldn’t go head over heels into the grass on my face. No one ever told me this and no one ever showed me and I had never seen it done. Something inside me just automatically knew what to do and what might happen if I didn’t do this. As a kid I never gave any thought to it. All I knew is how much fun it was to coast down that hill at full speed ahead.

Determination taught me how to skate, instinct kept me from killing myself.

When we stop over-thinking, when we let go and trust our inner knowing, when we let go of our fears… we find the tools to do anything we wish to accomplish.

Many Blessings,

Learning New Things Now vs Then

WP_20140107_003This morning on my way to work while wearing my newly knitted scarf, I was appreciating how easy it is in this day and time to learn new things. I went back to when my mom use to knit and thought about how if she wanted to learn a new stitch, pattern or whatever, she would have to go to the library or buy a book. Yesterday I learned a new stitch by typing in a few key words on Youtube. In less than 5 minutes I learned a new knitting stitch and implemented it in my knitting and have made plans for a new project with what I had just learned.

My husband and I have taught ourselves many things thanks richard lampworkto Youtube and the world wide web. We took up lampworking recently and learned everything we’ve done so far from videos. There isn’t much in this day and time that  there isn’t a video how-to for. Within minutes you can learn just about anything your heart desires. What a fantastic time we live in!

Here’s to always learning!

Many Blessings,

Understanding Crow Sounds

I had an interesting chat with a Crow this morning … he kept making the Rattle or Comb Call that you’ll find on this link… he was really quiet and just made this sound gently. I did a bit research to find out what that particular sound meant and this is what I found  (it is used to acknowledge familial association, whenever a crow does such a performance, they are expressing a willingness to be approached, and a need for affection).


This was the first time I had heard this sound from my crow friends … usually in pairs this one was alone and I walked up close and he sat there watching me, so would whistle and talk to him and he made that sound back at me so I went inside and brought him out some extra treats.

I have seen several documentaries that speak about the meanings of the different crow sounds so I am always paying attention to the sounds they make when I see them.

Many Blessings,

Creativity Amuck!

projectcollageAs most of you probably already know … I am a tad bit of what you might call a creative soul. {{giggles}} I can’t help myself, I am always creating something or at the very least, thinking of creating something.

After posting a photo of one my newest projects last night, someone asked “do you ever rest? and do you ever get tired?”. YEP, but resting to me is creating. Do I get tired? YEP! I am often tired but my curiosity to see the finished project and what it might look like when it’s done and the excitement of creating overrides how tired I might be.

For me, going home after work and not creating something is more tiresome than creating things. When I’m working on projects I am filled with the energy from the project, the thoughts of what will be and the process of seeing it come to life from my own hands. THAT is exciting to me and fills me with a type of energy that wipes away the tiredness from my day. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes from creating with your own hands that doesn’t come from anywhere else. To dream a project, gather all the materials, begin the creating process and then to see it finished is a feeling of pure joy for me. If you’ve never given creative projects a try, I hope that you find the time to do so at some point in your lives. Don’t worry about being perfect, don’t worry about failing, just do it. Try something and keep at it and if you don’t like what you’ve chosen, choose something else and try that. Pretty soon you might even find yourself addicted like me!

Many Blessings,

Ringing in the New Year

2014This New Year is even more special than most that have passed in that this year on the New Year we also have a New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of New Beginnings, a fresh start to take on new projects, new journeys and start new lives, traditions, new ways, new everything!

Cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the days to come.

Here’s something you can do to help you bring things into focus at this time of a New YOU!

On two sheets of parchment paper you will make 2 lists:

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into your life. Again, be specific. While writing these things out on your list be sure to visualize each of them coming into reality.

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon, bless it and thank Spirit for being with you and place it in a safe place for the year.

You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. Close the ceremony with an offer of blessings to Spirit and all who may have been watching over you during the ceremony and for the year ahead.

Many Blessings,

50 Shades of Positivity

  1. IMG_2781Let’s start with a smile, because smiles make everyone feel good
  2. How about a time out for some me time, taking time for yourself helps clear your mind and eases your soul.
  3. Do something for someone else… just because.
  4. Let go of baggage from your past.
  5. Let go of negative behaviors that slow or stop you from moving forward.
  6. Declutter, a clean space makes you feel good and more at peace.
  7. Change perspective, sometimes it takes a different view at what’s in front of you to understand that you can make it through.
  8. Do something each day, big or small that brings you closer to your dreams.
  9. Laugh, negativity can not live inside a body that laughs.
  10. Get out! Get outside of your house or office and spend some time in nature. It has a way of soothing even the most weary of souls.
  11. Be creative, find a hobby or craft and immerse yourself in it.
  12. Learn to meditate and make time to do it often.
  13. Let go of fears that hold you back from achieving your goals.
  14. Never ever grow up. Seriously … growing up sucks. LOL…. child like wonder keeps you young.
  15. Keep a journal of all the happy moments in your life and when you are having a hard day, read it.
  16. Don’t procrastinate on things you enjoy, you never know when the moment will be gone forever.
  17. Tell those closest to you that you love and appreciate them, often.
  18. Do something for fun just because.
  19. Love yourself.
  20. Allow others to love you.
  21. Complete the tasks that you start. Seeing a project finished gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
  22. Play in the rain, stomp through the puddles and dance without worry of getting a little damp.
  23. Sing … who cares how good or bad you are .. sing, sing and sing some more.
  24. Dance! The same as above!
  25. Volunteer, doing good deeds for others is very fulfilling.
  26. Believe in yourself.
  27. Teach yourself new things all the time.
  28. Travel, get out and see the world.
  29. Exercise, yeah I know… I said that evil word… but, it is true that exercise makes you feel good.
  30. Surround yourself with positive people, don’t hang out with negative people, they only drag you down into their dark world.
  31. Create a space in your home that is just for you. It doesn’t matter how large or small.
  32. Let go of other people’s ideas of who you are suppose to be and be you.
  33. Forgive yourself.
  34. Traditions, keep them or start new ones. Traditions that make you feel good anyway. Traditions give us a feeling of being connected.
  35. Dream.
  36. Pursue those dreams.
  37. Create a prosperity wall or board. Things you would like to see coming into fruition in your life. Change it every year to suit you as you grow.
  38. Leave yourself positive notes and reminders in odd places so that you come across them when you least expect it. You never know when you may need that little encouragement.
  39. Don’t be afraid of change. Change happens all the time, it’s what helps us grow and progress forward.
  40. Remember that all things are possible if you believe. We can do amazing things when we believe they can be done.
  41. Be a friend to someone, a good friend, not just a sometimes friend when its convenient.
  42. Be kind to others even those who are not kind to you.
  43. Be appreciative for what you have and don’t dwell on the things you don’t have.
  44. Stop worrying so much. Worry doesn’t change anything, it only makes you feel bad.
  45. Step outside your comfort zone from time to time, you’ll find great things just beyond those walls.
  46. Keep positive thoughts, one must be realistic but at the same time you can keep a positive outlook for your situations.
  47. Trust yourself.
  48. Allow yourself to be happy, to feel happiness and understand that its okay for you to be happy… no matter what anyone else says.
  49. When speaking of others, say only good things. Refraining from speaking poorly about someone will make you feel better about your own choices.
  50. Do all things with love in your heart. You’ll soon see your world getting better and better.


Many Blessings, 


Feeling All Alone in a Crowded Room

crowI know many feel this way and I’m certainly not alone here. I’ve always been a loner from since I can remember back in my early childhood days. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd or do things to “fit in”. I follow my own set of rules that have nothing to do with anyone other than myself and the beliefs that are a part of my core being.

For the most part I am okay with being a loner and then there are times when I feel too much alone. It feels good to connect with others. To have that mutual bond for whatever reason that gives you that feeling of “someone understands me or someone gets me or even  a feeling that someone cares”, that feeling is priceless.

The holidays I think are the worst at least for me they are. I am usually the one going out of my way to create for others, hoping to make their holiday a little more special … those loner feelings then fall right into place when it seems as though no one cares to make mine more special in return. It’s certainly not why I do it, I do things for others because I really want to create something special for them and make them feel good. It’s just nice if at some point I wasn’t the only one who seems to care and go out of my way for others.

How do you get past these feelings?


Personally I get back to creating. I find things to do that make me feel good and I do them a lot. I do my best to ignore that fact that those around me just don’t go out of their way for others and I continue doing “me”.

I wish I had more advice for others to help you cope, but I’ve got nothing. We have to learn to accept who we are and who other’s are and that we are all separate individuals. Don’t take it personally because someone else doesn’t do as much as you do or that they seem not to care as much or that they don’t do more. Continue being you and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Many Blessings,

December Full Moon

full moonThe December Full Moon is known as the Oak Moon or as the Cold or Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon is a time for hope and healing. This time of year the Moon has reign over the Earth, because there are more hours of night than day. Our thoughts turn to the rebirth of the light and the longer days that are promised after the winter solstice. Women who have become pregnant in the spring are about to give birth and will probably want to focus their energies on delivering a healthy baby. This is the time of year to complete something you have worked hard on and to make sure that the task is truly completed, all the details dealt with. It’s also a great time to let go of old patterns or problems and start anew. If something has been eating at you for a long time, work to give it up at this time. Let go of the negative and let the light of longer days shine inside you. Working with children in a nurturing way can be very rewarding and healing.

Don’t forget to step outside and soak up a bit of that full moon magic tonight. Also now is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals with that full moon energy… place them outside or in your windows so that they can capture that moon magic.

Many Blessings,

The Drum


This weekend I had the privilege of creating my very own hand drum. My dear hubby got me a kit for my birthday and I was finally able to sit down and devote time to creating this beautiful gift. Here’s a photo of my drum just as I finished getting it all together.. the tape will be removed once dry, it takes about 12 hours to fully dry so by the time I get home today I should be able to hear her sound. I can’t wait!!

drumstickHere’s a photo of my drumstick as well.

I thought that this would be a good time to share with you all, more information about the significance of the drum.

To most it is just a drum, nothing more than an instrument that creates sound. But then there are those who have a deeper understanding and connection to the drum. To these people (me included), it is far more than just an instrument of sound… it is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and connects all living beings.

The drum gives us both rhythm and meaning to life. It is the healing rhythm that we hear when singing, dancing, or walking through the world. The round form of the drum represents the circle of life and the whole universe.

Here’s a beautiful story I found on prairieedge.com that must be shared about the drum: 

By: Lynn Thomas  -  entitled “Heartbeats”

“As I write this, snow is gently falling outside and I can’t help but think about how quiet it is out in the Black Hills right now. Imagine, one of those perfect days where you can hear even the smallest rustle in the trees and you realize that it is so quiet that you can even hear your own heart beating.

Before long, you begin to notice a rhythm, and as you listen, the beat grows louder and seems to flow outward into your surroundings. It is at that point you ask yourself: Is the rhythm drawn from what’s around me or am I adding my beat to a dance already in progress?

This ‘heartbeat’ is central to many tribal cultures all over the world and is often manifested into one of human kind’s earliest instruments of communication – the drum.

We understand the message of the drum because we heard it even before we were born. As we came to life in our mother’s womb, we heard a soft repeating sound that lulled us to sleep or alerted us to danger. Her heartbeat became our guide and the forever binding connection between mother and child was established. To this day, it is that first memory of our mother’s heartbeat that draws us to the drum.

From large pedestal drums, to smaller hand drums, it is said the drum’s ability to unite people in one emotion is what makes it such an integral part of Native American culture. It is considered sacred because of its ‘voice’ and the spiritual nature of its power.

Once you hear the drum, you will never be the same.

So, the next time you are standing in that perfect moment of unbroken silence, remember that there really is no silence. There will always be a ‘heartbeat’, and maybe, if you are listening, you will start to hear the song too.”

Many Blessings,

Trusting Spirit

tempgaugeToday has been one of the oddest days for me in a long time. It all started first thing this morning when I was headed to work. I decided to go a different way than I usually go and I found myself stuck in a long line of traffic. At some point, sitting there in that line I looked down and saw my temperature gauge a hair from being all the way at the top, sitting on the H for HOLY SHIT BALLS IT’s HOT! I changed my rout, praying the whole way that I would at least make it to work. While the car was moving the gauge would go down but at every light it would start creeping back up to that dreaded H.

I get to work and wait for my husband to get into his office so I could tell him what happened and see what he wanted me to do. He suggested I go ahead and go to the garage to get it fixed. So here I am on the road again, all tense worried something might go wrong before I get to where I’m going. Again, the car was fine while I was moving but at every light the gauge liked to torment me. There is a bookstore just a few blocks from the garage so I stopped off quick to grab a book someone suggested was a good read… I thought I might need this having to sit at the garage for God knows how long. So I grabbed the book and made my way to the garage.

They take my car quickly and check everything they could possibly check and let it run for nearly an hour and the gauge never moved. CONFUSED!! LOL.. so the garage suggested they drive it around town to see how it does and they did. Still NOTHING from that gauge. Over 3 hours at the garage and NOTHING. My car seems perfectly fine and the gauge is no longer moving toward that dreaded H.

From that point I started feeling like I was where I was for a reason. Was it all about stopping to get that book and having the time to read it? I would have never stopped to get it otherwise, I do know that much. Was it about not being at the office for some unknown reason? Is there something else, some other reason for all this? I have no idea but what I do know is that the Universe is creating something right now for me. What exactly that is … is still unknown to me.

I’ve had this feeling before and in the past I would struggle against it but today.. I let go and I TRUSTED that I was where I was suppose to be when I was suppose to be there.

The feeling is like you are a game piece being moved around a game board in the Universe without knowing which game you are in and why you are being moved around.

I giggle at myself and I see Spirit saying well we have told you about this book… we gave you the information and left you filled with curiosity and yet you still did not get the book. Hmmmmmmmmmmm .. how shall we make this hard-headed woman stop everything else she is doing to get this book and read it! I know we will screw with her car and laugh as no one else can see what she’s talking about.. LOL

Only time will tell what today was really all about… but for now all I know is that it was very ODD! A kind of enjoyable ODD .. but still very ODD.

Many Blessings,

P.S. The book I’ve been referencing is Journey of Souls by Michael Newton

My Birthday

IMG_2933Yep today is my birthday … but instead of being happy, I’m very emotional and ready for it to end. This happens every year. I know it’s coming and I try to mentally prepare… I try to get over my obstacles but I have yet to find the trick that works.

You see I have a terrible history when it comes to my birthday, let me explain, then you’ll understand me a little bit more. Growing up I had maybe 2 parties on my birthday one when I was in 1st grade and another when I was 16. Yep that’s it. You see my mother always said she didn’t want to have a party for me because she didn’t want people to think they had to buy me something. She didn’t want others to buy me gifts. I understand that concept because it’s not about the gifts it’s about celebrating your life. It’s about those you love and care for coming together to celebrate the fact that you were born and that you exist in this world.

I understood this even at a very young age but what was hard is going to all my cousins’ birthday parties and giving them gifts and watching them be celebrated while I wasn’t worth celebrating. At least that’s certainly how it felt. I got to watch as others were celebrated and I had to participate in celebrating everyone else, including my mother’s birthday and my dad’s … oh dear would she always get upset if she wasn’t celebrated enough. She was never happy with what others did for her. Nothing was ever exactly how she wanted it.. so I had to prepare for that as well, the backlash that came with her being overly unhappy on her birthday.

So even now I have a hard time with my own birthday. I don’t know how to let go of all those years of holding in the pain. I had to always mask my feelings and just get over it. I wish I knew how to let it go and make it go away but even with all the wisdom, spirit messages and well wishes I just can’t find that magical thing that helps.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry or bad for me and I don’t want to chat about it … I just want all those years washed away and I want to not feel this way every single year. Distractions are the best … diving deep into a project or doing something completely not related to my birthday is my only way to cope and get beyond this moment.

Now you all have a little understanding for one of my worst pains.

If you see me on one of my birthdays and I’m acting what you might think is a little odd… now you’ll understand why. Just remember … it’s not you … it’s me. LOL

At least I always know that TOMORROW will be a much better day! :-)

Many Blessings,

Help with Visualization

fb cover 2Visualization is greatly helpful in meditation, in dreaming more vividly and in creative endeavors. Some struggle when it comes to visualization so I thought I would help you teach yourself how to improve those skills.

Find a relaxing spot and make yourself comfortable. Now image something simple like a simple white ball. Once you can see that ball clearly in your mind make it do something like glow or spin. Now make it spin faster or glow more brightly. At each step, practice it and get yourself comfortable seeing it before moving on to something else. Once you have perfected the spinning or glowing effect make the ball do something else like bounce or change colors.

Once you have perfected the ball and have practiced this many times and feel comfortable that you can see this anytime you choose you can move to something more advanced.

Your next level might be something like visualizing a flower and once you have that flower pictured in your mind have it open up in full bloom. Take your time and do this slowly no need to rush it. You can practice making it open and close and once you are comfortable with that flower, change flowers and repeat.

There are many things you can choose to start off with and or advance to. Practice each image until you are comfortable enough with each one that you feel like you can do it without giving it much thought.

Here are a few other images you might want to try:

~ Opening and closing doors or windows

~ An open window with curtains blowing in the wind, the curtains then gain more detail

~ A field, and then within that field you see animals or flowers and then you can make those animals or flowers do things

~ Image walking through your own house, room by room seeing all that is in it. Imagine yourself sitting down in one of them and turning on the tv and then changing channels

~ Do the same as above but walk though your neighborhood or your town.

~ You can image animals and have them do things ….

There is no limits to your imagination.. just start simply and allow yourself to progress slowly. It’s not a race, no one is timing you. Work at your own pace and be patient with yourself.

Many Blessings,

Spiritually Speaking…

IMG_3964This blog post isn’t anything at all to do with anyone’s Spirituality, the spiritually speaking I’m talking about today has to do with your own communication with Spirit.

I know many out there struggle with trusting when their messages come from Spirit or is it what they wish it to be. They are afraid of making the wrong choices, they allow their fears to get in the way… blocking the communication between themselves and Spirit.

So how do you know when the thoughts that pop into your head or those feelings that come over are from Spirit or just your imagination?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this, all I can do is tell you what I do. When feelings or messages come to me I deliver them. I send them out into the world to land where they are needed. It took me years to trust myself enough to do this. It started with baby steps. I would only send out what I felt were smaller messages and messages that could very well be for anyone. As I started this journey and began actually voicing these messages I found that more and more messages came. I found myself delivering more and more of these messages. I found myself also receiving more personal messages for me alone. The more I did  and the more I trusted the more came to me and still today I sometimes struggle with “Oh no what if I’m wrong” but most of the time I suck it up, take a deep breath and let the message be heard. I am always amazed when the message is spot on… and once it’s delivered and I get feedback with a “thank you” or “I really needed that” or “that helped me so much” … this encourages me and fills me with the trust I need to continue delivering messages to those that need it.

Take baby steps and trust that feeling inside you.

Many Blessings,

My Thankful Moments

IMG_4324I know the most popular thing this month is to post something each day that you are thankful for … but as you might have noticed, I don’t really follow what everyone else does. Instead of posting daily, I’m posting 30 things I am thankful for in one post so that they have their moment all month long… instead of just a 24 hour moment.

I am Thankful For: 

  1. My Husband
  2. The experience birthing my children
  3. Monty (the wonderful snuggly dog that he is)
  4. Wonderful in-laws
  5. My sis, Pattie who always understands me more than anyone
  6. Having a job that I love
  7. Working with people I actually enjoy working with
  8. The creative thoughts that always find a way to fill my head
  9. The moments Spirit gives me so that I can find ways to help others
  10. The art that I am lucky enough to create
  11. The ease that words flow  from my head to my fingertips
  12. Friendship (you all know who you are)
  13. My Camera (OMG I cannot forget my camera!)
  14. My computer .. without it I would miss out on getting to know so many truly wonderful people
  15. Spirit and the gifts that continue to flow my way
  16. Being different
  17. Feeling Loved
  18. My Home
  19. The Birds .. I cannot forget the birds :-)
  20. My Sight – to be able to see the world, nature and all the magic that surrounds us daily
  21. My hearing – to hear the sound of my husbands voice, laughter, the song of the birds, the sound of night, the sounds of morning, what a great gift hearing is.
  22. Growth –  I look back and am truly thankful for how far I have come and look forward to the journey forward
  23. The mountain – the journey, even when it has been hard it has revealed to me strengths I am always surprised to find that are within me.
  24. Crystals – well you know how Ravens love shiny things ;-)
  25. Healing – that wonderful feeling when you are broken and think you will never recover and then one day you realize that you already have.
  26. Magic – it makes life far more special and keeps me looking forward to each day and what it holds.
  27. My Past – no matter how rocky it may have been it has showed me that I have the ability to weather the storm no matter the size, conditions or how long it lasts.
  28. The Future – because I know there is one and it is just as full of magic as all the days have had before.
  29. Kisses – Mmmmmmmmmmm they soothe away all kinds of pain
  30. Life – I am blessed  although at times I have felt cursed.. life is worth living .. life is worth enjoying and it’s worth doing it over and over again. So, there you have it 30 things I am thankful for…. the list could go on and on and in far more detail …. but for now .. I feel this will do.Many Blessings to one and all,

Beneath the Samhain Moon

IMG_3847Last night I danced beneath the Samhain Moon. It wasn’t quite what one might think a dance beneath the Samhain moon might be. There were no spooky spirits flying about, no black cats and scary bats, no goblins, no ghosts. There were no mystical chants, no candles burning bright … just me dancing beneath the moon light. Let me explain a little more about my Samhain night….

There I was standing beneath the crescent moon in a misty fog when I was taken by the hand and guided down a path. I wondered where I was being guided and why but I  did not hesitate and I did not fear the journey ahead of me. I felt safe and secure, so I took the strangers hand and I put one foot in front of another and I walked slowly and calmly down this path. I wasn’t sure where I was or where I was going but something inside me knew this was a path I must take. Suddenly the stranger stops and turns to me, looks me in the eyes and with a mutual understanding we began to dance. No words were ever spoken. We danced and danced, twirled and swayed to music that wasn’t even there. The scene was all dressed in shades of gray with a reflective lake just to the right of the path and the crescent moon directly above. There was a low lying mist of mystery that danced along with us as the night passed. I kept wondering what this was and what it all meant. There was such a feeling of calm and peace that surrounded us and filled my entire being. I could not have been more at ease than I was this night.

So who was this stranger in the night?

To my surprise I found that it was none other than LOVE itself. What a great feeling this was. I was granted the most magical night of all. To dance with love through the night, ending with a sweet embrace of knowing that Love is always with me. It is the seed that is my beginning and that has grown as I have grown through the years and that shall continue with me when my Earthly days are gone and together we return to the light.

Many Blessings,

Wishes Granted

IMG_3712With everyone talking about the abundance of Ladybugs all over the place I thought oh what a perfect time to spread the word about what the Ladybug brings into our lives.

The appearance of a Ladybug heralds a time of luck and 
protection in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Fall and Spring are the most abundance times for a person with a Ladybug totem.

Higher goals and new heights are possible with a Ladybug totem. Worries begin to dissipate.  New happiness comes about.

Their presence signals a time of shielding from our own aggravations and pests. Its coloring, red and black, is a warning to predators and we need to give that same clear warning to our enemies. Stay back!  I’m dangerous if attacked! Lady bug is never the aggressor, but it will defend.

Ladybug also cautions not to try to hard or go to fast to fulfill our dreams. Let things flow at their natural pace. In the due course of time, our wishes will all come true.

Many Blessings,

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to my fellow blogger
for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award… I am honored :-)


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Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Seven things about myself:

1) I am an Artist of all kinds of media

2) A Seer and a Messenger

3) Married to my Soul Mate <3

4) I love being it Nature and Capturing Magical Moments on Film

5) I love taking notice of those things that most overlook and showing them in photos

6) I am a believer in magical living

7) I am Love and Light

I now nominate 15 Bloggers in no particular order:

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Halloween2008023This being the week of Halloween, I thought what a great time to talk a little about FEAR.

Oh, we have so many of them don’t we… from everyday fears to lifetime fears. Fears of failure, trust, love, heartache, falling, dying, not becoming, fears of monsters both hidden and not, fear of being judged, misunderstood or not being found. Our fears can come from so many places and from so many situations.

When fear leads us… we go nowhere. 

We must learn to understand the difference between the good fears that are there to keep us safe and those fears that are completely made up in our minds to keep us from moving forward. Don’t feed those fears!

Let go of those unhealthy fears and take back the power that they have stolen from us.

Many Blessings,

Samhain – Celtic New Year

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I thought I would share with you first a bit of history and then a ceremony you can do to welcome in the Celtic New Year.

First, here’s a bit of history:

Samhain (pronounced Sow-en), dates back to the ancient Celts who lived 2,000 years ago. Contrary to what some believe, is not a celebration of a Celtic god of the dead. Instead, it is a Celtic word meaning “summer’s end.” The Celts believed that summer came to an end on October 31st and the New Year began on November 1st with the start of winter.

At sunset on October 31, clans or local villages begin the formal ceremonies of Samhain by lighting a giant bonfire. During the celebration, the Celts wore costumes, and danced around the fire. Many of these dances told stories or played out the cycles of life and death or commemorated the cycle of Wheel of Life. These costumes were adorned for three primary reasons.

The first was to honor the dead who were allowed to rise from the Otherworld. The Celts believed that souls were set free from the land of the dead during the eve of Samhain. Those that had been trapped in the bodies of animals were released by the Lord of the Dead and sent to their new incarnations. The wearing of these costumes signified the release of these souls into the physical world. Not all of these souls were honored and respected. Some were also feared as they would return to the physical world and destroy crops, hide livestock or ‘haunt’ the living who may have done them wrong.

The second reason for these traditional costumes was to hide from these malevolent spirits to escape their trickery.

The final representation was a method to honor the Celtic Gods and Goddesses of the harvest, fields and flocks. Giving thanks and homage to those deities who assisted the village or clan through the trials and tribulations of the previous year. And to ask for their favor during the coming year and the harsh winter months that were approaching.

Now that you have a little bit of history… here’s something you can do yourself to celebrate the Celtic New Year and cleanse yourself of the past and prepare for the days to come.

On two sheets of parchment paper you will make 2 lists: 

The first list will be of all things you don’t want or no longer need in your life. Be specific!

The second list will be of things you want to keep in your life and things you would like to see coming into your life. Again, be specific. 

You will take the “Keep” list, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon and place it in a safe place for the year. You will then take the “Get Rid of” list and burn it in a fire. Watch that list burn and imagine all the things on that list burning out of your life with it. Be sure while you do these acts that you do them with love in your heart. You don’t want bad karma, mojo or intentions intertwined with your ceremony. Do all things with love. You don’t wish for bad to come to anyone or anything in your lists … you just no longer want or need them in your life so you should wish them away with love and kindness so that the parting be an easier transition for all who may be involved.

And as with all ceremonies you should take time to yourself to reflect, prepare and ground yourself before beginning. Cleanse the space, yourself, your mind and body before the ceremony. 

Many Blessings,

Breakfast and a Story

This morning I had the privilege of starting my day off with my dear friend the Crow. He shared with me one of the many stories of how be came to be black. There is a different story from every corner of the Earth about the Crow and how it became black, each story a little different but all of them show the Crow as one to be honored in one way or another.

Here’s The story of Rainbow Crow from the Lenni Lenape Tribe (The Lenape Tribe is originally from the Delaware River area from New Jersey up into Canada) retold by S.E. Schlosser:

It was so cold. Snow fell constantly, and ice formed over all the waters. The animals had never seen snow before. At first, it was a novelty, something to play in. But the cold increased tenfold, and they began to worry. The little animals were being buried in the snow drifts and the larger animals could hardly walk because the snow was so deep. Soon, all would perish if something were not done.

“We must send a messenger to Kijiamuh Ka’ong, the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be,” said Wise Owl. “We must ask him to think the world warm again so that Spirit Snow will leave us in peace.”

The animals were pleased with this plan. They began to debate among themselves, trying to decide who to send up to the Creator. Wise Owl could not see well during the daylight, so he could not go. Coyote was easily distracted and like playing tricks, so he could not be trusted. Turtle was steady and stable, but he crawled too slowly. Finally, Rainbow Crow, the most beautiful of all the birds with shimmering feathers of rainbow hues and an enchanting singing voice, was chosen to go to Kijiamuh Ka’ong.

It was an arduous journey, three days up and up into the heavens, passed the trees and clouds, beyond the sun and the moon, and even above all the stars. He was buffeted by winds and had no place to rest, but he carried bravely on until he reached Heaven. When Rainbow Crow reached the Holy Place, he called out to the Creator, but received no answer. The Creator was too busy thinking up what would be to notice even the most beautiful of birds. So Rainbow Crow began to sing his most beautiful song.

The Creator was drawn from his thoughts by the lovely sound, and came to see which bird was making it. He greeted Rainbow Crow kindly and asked what gift he could give the noble bird in exchange for his song. Rainbow Crow asked the Creator to un-think the snow, so that the animals of Earth would not be buried and freeze to death. But the Creator told Rainbow Crow that the snow and the ice had spirits of their own and could not be destroyed.

“What shall we do then?” asked the Rainbow Crow. “We will all freeze or smother under the snow.”

“You will not freeze,” the Creator reassured him, “For I will think of Fire, something that will warm all creatures during the cold times.”

The Creator stuck a stick into the blazing hot sun. The end blazed with a bright, glowing fire which burned brightly and gave off heat. “This is Fire,” he told Rainbow Crow, handing him the cool end of the stick. “You must hurry to Earth as fast as you can fly before the stick burns up.”

Rainbow Crow nodded his thanks to the Creator and flew as fast as he could go. It was a three-day trip to Heaven, and he was worried that the Fire would burn out before he reached the Earth. The stick was large and heavy, but the fire kept Rainbow Crow warm as he descended from Heaven down to the bright path of the stars. Then the Fire grew hot as it came closer to Rainbow Crows feathers. As he flew passed the Sun, his tail caught on fire, turning the shimmering beautiful feathers black. By the time he flew passed the Moon, his whole body was black with soot from the hot Fire. When he plunged into the Sky and flew through the clouds, the smoke got into his throat, strangling his beautiful singing voice.

By the time Rainbow Crow landed among the freezing-cold animals of Earth, he was black as tar and could only Caw instead of sing. He delivered the fire to the animals, and they melted the snow and warmed themselves, rescuing the littlest animals from the snow drifts where they lay buried.

It was a time of rejoicing, for Tindeh – Fire – had come to Earth. But Rainbow Crow sat apart, saddened by his dull, ugly feathers and his rasping voice. Then he felt the touch of wind on his face. He looked up and saw the Creator Who Creates By Thinking What Will Be walking toward him.

“Do not be sad, Rainbow Crow,” the Creator said. “All animals will honor you for the sacrifice you made for them. And when the people come, they will not hunt you, for I have made your flesh taste of smoke so that it is no good to eat and your black feathers and hoarse voice will prevent man from putting you into a cage to sing for him. You will be free.”

Then the Creator pointed to Rainbow Crow’s black feathers. Before his eyes, Rainbow Crow saw the dull feathers become shiny and inside each one, he could see all the colors of the rainbow. “This will remind everyone who sees you of the service you have been to your people,” he said, “and the sacrifice you made that saved them all.”

And so shall it ever be
Many Blessings,

Through Their Eyes

Tonight I leave you with something to ponder.

Take a moment if you will.. maybe even a few and think about what the world looks like through their eyes. What does the forest, the lake, the spring, the meadow and the field look like through their eyes?

What we see and what they see is different…even though it is also the same. It’s the same meadow but to the mouse, it’s home and to the deer it’s dinner, to the butterfly and the bee it’s sweetness and to the birds, a free place to soar.

What do we look like through their eyes? How does it look to them when we invade their space without care or thought of where we walk and how? What does it feel like to you when you think about someone doing the same to your space, your home, your safety?

Many Blessings,

When You Hear the Black Bird Caw

It all started with a shiver and twitch of my nose
I could feel it coming .. a bit of rhyme .. a bit of prose
Magic flowing through the crisp Autumn air
I throw my hands up with a witchy flair

A giggle creeps up from within
Quickly turning into a cackle straight from the loony bin
People then wondering what on Earth I’m up  to
Me? Oh nothing .. just stirring my brew!

Spreading magic across the land
With a click of the mouse and a wave of the hand
Eye of newt, toe of dog, vampire’s blood and gargoyle fat
Thrice around the cauldron we go, oops almost forgot me cat!

Boil, boil, bubble and brew
Hold on, this rhyme is almost through
Potions and notions all now complete
May your Halloween be ever so sweet

A quick whistle to summon my broom
Now, off I go .. zoom, zoom, zoom
Magical blessings to one and all
Don’t forget to smile when you hear the black bird caw!


Many Blessings,

October Full Moon

bloodmoonThe October full moon is known as the Blood Moon and also the Falling Leaf or Hunter’s Moon. It is a Moon of new goals, protection, resolution, and spirituality. The night of the Blood Moon is a great time for divination of any kind. At this time of the year, all of nature is making ready for the winter. Animals that hibernate are gathering the last scraps of food. Birds are heading south. In human societies, this used to be the time when we turned from agriculture to the hunt as our means of sustenance. This is the time to reflect on what you did during the year and to evaluate your accomplishments.

Don’t forget to step outside and soak up a bit of that full moon magic tonight. Also now is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals with that full moon energy.. place them outside or in your windows so that they can capture that moon magic.

Many blessings,

Learning How to Trust Your Inner Guide

IMG_8974Imagine you are walking around your house in the dark. You allow yourself to be guided as you feel your way around searching for your way. When you come upon a place that doesn’t quite feel right… you stop and look extra hard into the darkness and most often change your path. It is not what you could see that made you stop and change direction.. it is what you felt.

When your physical sight was gone you allowed yourself to be guided in another way and you trust that guidance even though you cannot see what is in front of you … you feel it and you change direction based on that feeling.

That same instinct is with you at all times. You trust it when you cannot see … so why not trust it when you can?

If it doesn’t feel right .. then it’s most likely not. Change direction until it does.

Many Blessings,

The Sun Card

IMG_0675Shuffling my cards today I ask for guidance to help those on a rocky path.. move forward with a bit more ease.

The first card I pulled was Life Force card which didn’t feel right for whatever reason so I put it back in the deck and shuffled a little bit more. The card for the day is finally revealed: The Sun Card

When you have learned to trust your inner self … you’ll no longer need outside help.  That’s what all of our striving is all about: to find our own, unique way, to live our own realizations, to follow our own inner light. The Sun Card is a sign to let us know that we are close to finding this within ourselves.

Many Blessings,

The First Book!

raven's call front

I’ve composed my first Poetry/Photo book … The Raven’s Call

It’s a collection of poetry I have done over the years along with photographs I have taken. I do hope you enjoy it. I’m working on some future projects to include a book focusing solely on my visions and another that will be a collection of messages from spirit.

You can purchase a digital copy of The Raven’s Call for $1.99 here:

or if you would like a physical copy in paperback you can purchase it here on Lulu:

Rany Blessings,

Message from the Rainbow

Tonight I made my way downstairs to fetch the last of the laundry to be done and noticed from the kitchen window how strange the sky looked. It was flooded with color. I went on and gathered the laundry from the dryer and then thought…. hmmmmm .. I should step outside and have a look at that sky. So I did. OMG.. what a beautiful double rainbow in the sky over my house!!

I rushed upstairs to grab my camera and back down and outside into the rain in hopes of capturing the moment. I ran around furiously snapping photos left and right and then to the front of the house to see what my view would be from there. I saw the rainbow made it’s way from front to back and snap … snap… snap… went my camera shutter!

I made my way upstairs to upload the photos to share online and just as I finished uploading I stepped over to the window to have another look and it was gone. Just like that … it was gone.

Tonight’s message comes from the rainbow: Enjoy each moment as it comes. What you have in this moment may be gone the next and you just never know long those moments last .. so enjoy them while you have them.

Here are the photos of my rainbow

Many Blessings,

The Snail

snailI stepped outside this morning and suddenly noticed there were snails all over the place.

Snails in the mornings are not uncommon but this is the first time in my 2 years at this office that I have seen them here and so many at that. Everywhere I turned there they were … Odd…. soooooooooooooo … here’s a bit of info about the snail that you may have not known:

Snail is a reflection of the protective spirits that surround each of us.   The appearance of a Snail totem in your life reflects the need to be more protective in your environment.
Be aware of your surroundings and keep your guard up.  Think about where you encountered Snail – on the way to work?  Near home?  Call upon your spirit protectors as you walk around the place where you encountered Snail. 

Snail people are often loners, not very social and often timid. Their life lesson will be to learn to trust. Learning to balance trust and protection is a difficult lesson; watch out for the appearance of Snail and back off when he appears. 

Snails also teach us to protect the inner child.  Snail people often present a hard shell to the world when they really have a tender heart and strong feelings.  Watch for Snail and learn who and when to trust.

Many Blessings,

Who Are We? Labels


Yesterday someone asked me what I call myself… I looked at her knowing what she was asking, but answered “Holly”.

What she really wanted to know is: do I call myself a psychic, a medium, a healer or what?

My answer is still: Holly or Raventalker .. whichever you prefer to call me.

I don’t do labels. I allow myself to be just who I am. No need for a label…. labels create limitations and expectations. I see things and hear things that others may not and I deliver the messages that come to me … I am a messenger, that’s it … that is all that I am. No fancy labels… no expectations upon myself to be something else.. I am me… plain and simple. Just me. I’m ok with that … are you? :-)

Many Blessings,

Ceremonial Vision

angel wingsLast night just as I lay down in the bed a ceremonial vision began to take place. I was surrounded by several ladies, I was confused as I have never encountered beings like these before. They seemed like a mix between angels and fairies. They were tall, dressed in light flowing dresses and large light colored wings … but the healing they did or magic seemed more like fairy magic.

They took a bundled child form from inside me. They danced with it and sang to it and cradled it and laughed and played with it. As they were passing it around with one another they were taking turns waving their hands over my body doing some sort of healing, protection or magic. They made sure to apply extra attention to my feet, head and chest. They did this for quite a while and when they were done they placed the bundle back inside me for it to continue it’s incubation period.

I was then given the information that what they had done would come into knowing after the 3rd of my next moon cycles.

So now… I wait!

I welcome anyone who would like to give any insight about this vision.

Many Blessings,

Sacred Smoke Rising

Sacred smoke rises as the sun sets for the night
Hear me now as I speak beneath the moon’s magical light

Calling upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of times now past
Grant us these blessings that I now do ask

I weave within this circle that has no beginning and no end
My prayers to the heavens I now do send

To all my relations, these blessing I bestow
Hear my words, close your eyes and let go

May the the wind carry away your fears
May the rain wash away all of your tears

May the sun always keep you warm
May the trees give you shelter through the storm

May the moon bless you as you sleep
May the Earth always offer you plenty to reap

May love find it’s place within your heart
May these blessings be with you until this Earth you do depart.

My weaving, now done for the night
Blessings to all beneath the moon’s magical light.

Many Blessings,

My Lampwork Art

gloine fb bannerMy husband and I started doing lampwork a few months ago and have been busy busy busy learning this new craft. We’ve finally got enough really nice finished pieces to open an Etsy shop. take a moment please to browse through our shop at our newest addiction.. Lampwork!!

Here’s a link to the Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Gloine

We offer a wide variety of one of a kind, handmade glass lampwork beads and artisan jewelry. Our beads are made by using an oxygen and propane torch to heat colored glass rods, rotating the melted glass around a stainless steel mandrel to form each bead. Our beads are annealed as we make them, going straight from torch to a digitally-controlled kiln for durability.

Many Blessings,

The Original vs The Fake

owlBe YOU! Be the original YOU.

Those who fake who they are cut off their own power to greatness. Always having to think about who they are each day they lack the ability to connect naturally to the people and world around them.

Don’t worry about trying to “be” something … instead be YOU. You chose this life for a reason.. there must have been something in it that called you. Something that made you say ” THAT’S WHO I WANT TO BE!”  If you spend all your time trying to be.. you’ll miss out on being who you were born to be.

Many Blessings,

The End or A Beginning?

sunriseYesterday I began writing a poem about Fall, my thoughts quickly went to the end of summer and all that is no longer. I only got a few lines into it when I got stuck. I kept going back to it throughout the day… trying to finish it but something just wouldn’t allow it. This morning it was clear…. I wasn’t suppose to look at what has ended but at what has begun.

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … LOL

So here I stand with arms wide open ready to embrace the new season. I shall not mourn what has passed but remember fondly the great moments that were had. I look forward with bright eyes ready for the days to come and stand proudly in the moment, enjoying each day.

Bring on the crisp mornings, the colors of change and the new landscape before us.

Many Blessings,

September Full Moon

full moonWith the Full moon just 2 days away I thought I’d help prepare you for whats in store.

A time of great magic. The possibilities are endless, what you imagine can and will come true.

The September full moon is known as the Harvest Moon, also known as the Barley or Hunter’s Moon, the Harvest Moon is a time of protection, prosperity, and abundance. This is the time of year when the grains are being harvested, and it is a good time for magic involving your prosperity, abundance, and the nurturing of others. If you have had a long illness, this is the time to finally come back to full health again. This is also the time to obtain that higher paying position at work. The energy of the Harvest Moon will help along any magic that is geared to bring you or someone else abundance.

And as always set out your crystals, stones and other tools so that they may soak up some of the moons beautiful light.

Many Blessings,